Poor Pup Constantly Suffers From Stomachache, Then Family Discovers The Horrible Truth Why - A Dog's Love

Poor Pup Constantly Suffers From Stomachache, Then Family Discovers The Horrible Truth Why

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Mortimer’s Mom wasn’t too concerned when the 3-year-old bulldog pup began dealing with stomach issues and vomiting in April. It seemed like one of those things that just happens and will recover in time.

Mortimer received an unrelated vomiting syndrome diagnosis and was given some medicine to take by Dr. Doug Brum, Mortimer’s vet who works with the Animal Medical Center of MSPCA Angell. At first, the medication began to help and his symptoms improved – but then the pup got sicker. In the middle of May, he had become so sick already that he no longer seemed anything like the pup he once was.

The pup napped for most of the day, wouldn’t stop following his Mom everywhere, and then, in the beginning of June, totally stopped eating at all. His Mom realized then that something was going terribly, so she hurried him back to the Animal Medical Center. X-rays were done – and that’s when they discovered the shocking source of the problem.

Within Mortimer’s stomach were a whopping 19 pacifiers. They had completely covered his digestive system. Apparently, the pup had been very slowly stealing pacifiers from his Mom and Dad, who have two little children.

He’d done it very subtly, taking one at a time – and now he had accumulated 19 in his tummy.


Luckily, just one endoscopy was enough for Dr. Erika De Papp to get rid of the entire pile of baby dummies. If he hadn’t been taken to the vet, he may not have survived!

Thankfully, he’s okay now and is slowly recovering from the whole ordeal.

Images & Feature Image Source: MSPCA Angell

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