Popular Dog Foods Recalled After 5 Dogs Fell Ill and One Unfortunately Died

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The FDA has started an investigation into pet food after a report from WJLA found euthanasia drugs in wet dog food.

WJLA tested over two dozen brands of pet food for pentobarbital, a drug commonly used to euthanize dogs, cats and horses. Any animals that are part of the food chain cannot be euthanized with pentobarbital, as it goes against FDA regulations. After numerous tests and re-tests, the investigation found traces of the dangerous drug in the Gravy Train brand of dog food. 60 percent of the tested samples of Gravy Train came back positive for pentobarbital.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, chief scientific officer for The Center for Canine Behavior Studies and former director of the Animal Behavior Program at Tufts University said, “It comes from euthanasia of animals using that euthanasia drug. So, these animals could be dogs, they could be cats, they could be horses – but how is it getting into the pet food? If they say it doesn’t come from dogs, cats and horses where does it come from? It doesn’t come from outer space.

Whether it’s doing something or nothing, what’s it doing there? Where did it come from? If they don’t like the explanation that it’s coming from animals that have been euthanized, what is their explanation as to how it gets in,” said Dr. Dodman.

The manufacturer of Gravy Train is Big Heart Pet Foods, also the maker of Meow Mix, Natural Balance, Meaty Bone, Snausages and many other pet treats. The brand did not respond to the allegations but an investigation is underway.

If you want to contact the FDA, Smucker’s or Big Heart Brands regarding this recall, please use the below numbers:

  • FDA: 888-463-6332
  • Smucker’s: 888-550-9555
  • Big Heart Brands: 415-247-3000

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Source: WJLA

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