Pregnant Mom In The Shelter Gets A Second Chance Just Before Giving Birth To Her Pups - A Dog's Love

Pregnant Mom In The Shelter Gets A Second Chance Just Before Giving Birth To Her Pups

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Kathryn Sinske was drawn to Claire the Chihuahua the moment she clapped eyes on her in a Facebook photo. Sinske’s heart broke when she saw Claire’s frightened, lost, and confused expression.

Claire had been taken in by animal control in San Bernardino, California, when she was heavily pregnant. Mere days into her stay there, she delivered four puppies, only three of whom survived. She was alone when she delivered them, with nothing but a blanket.

Sinske hurried to the shelter to bring the mama and her babies out of their small, dark, confined space. It was clear from the start that Claire was terrified. She was also extremely dirty and tick-infested. Sinske had to sign her name on a waiver, too, because of Claire’s condition.

Claire was taken to the vet and Sinske vowed to do whatever she could to nurse this family back to health. Then, Claire became anemic and developed a fever of a huge 105 degrees, and Sinske suddenly found her hands very full. She had to carefully hand-feed the mama pup and the baby puppies.

A week later, Claire mercifully began to recover. She started eating more, though she is very picky about what she’ll eat. Sinske doesn’t mind, though, and Claire has shown herself to be very sweet and loving.

For now, Claire and her little ones will stay with Sinske. The mama pup is very caring and protective of her babies. The puppies will have to be weaned and grow big enough before they can be adopted, and then Claire will be able to go to a forever home, too.

For now, though, the whole family is just glad to be safe and cared for!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kathryn Sinske

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