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Pup Missing For Years Can’t Believe He’s Finally Reunited With Mom

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When a mangy, emaciated stray pup with big blue eyes was taken in by a Ukraine shelter, staff and volunteers weren’t sure that he would be very adoptable.

He was ill and would need a lot of work to get back to health again, and he had likely faced a lot of difficulty out on the streets.

The pup’s picture was taken, and the shelter posted it on their Facebook page, calling for anyone who would want to adopt him. Surprisingly, the post garnered hundreds of shares, and the pup’s sad eyes contributed significantly to the people who felt for him. But little did the shelter know that there was someone already out there looking for this pup.

MKP “Schaslivі tvarini”

A woman reached out to the shelter a couple of days after the post began circulating. She said that her pup had gone missing in 2017 from her yard, and that the dog in the post looked strikingly similar to the one she’d lost. She’d searched high and low for two years but had never found him.

Galina Lekunova

The shelter decided to let the pup meet this woman to see if he was really her missing dog – and within mere seconds, it was clear that he was. The pup, named Lord, was so intensely eager and excited to see his Mom again after so long. All those shares on that post helped Lord’s Mom find him, and that is truly an amazing thing!

Now, Lord is back home after two years, and Mom is so glad to finally have him back. He may have been through a lot, but in the end, the pup managed to find his way home again, against all odds.

Feature Image Source: MKP “Schaslivі tvarini”

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