Puppies Grow Up In Seconds And This Video Is Proof! - A Dog's Love

Puppies Grow Up In Seconds And This Video Is Proof!

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YouTubers Beauty at Brunch got their beagle pup Sherlock at Christmas, and now he’s already five months old!

Since the twin sisters shared their first experiences with their pup on their channel, they decided it was only right to make another video talking about some “pupdates” in Sherlock’s life!

The sisters discuss Sherlock’s behavior, his quirks, and what he loves to do, and they mention a few behavioral quirks they’re working on evening out. Interspersed between their talking, we get to see glimpses of Sherlock’s life in adorable little video clips. One of him bounding through the snow, sniffing and exploring, is sure to catch your eyes and your heart!

Want to know more about what Sherlock’s been up to? He’s got loads of new things to share with you, and his two Mommies are only too happy to talk about them. Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to see!

Feature Image Source: Beauty at Brunch

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