Puppy Flashes An Adorable Smile Whenever He Gets Belly Rubs!

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Belly rubs are probably the most universally loved form of affection by pups!

We may never know why for sure, but we do know that it feels awesome to make a pup that happy, just from something that seems simple but that they love so very much.

This chocolate Labrador pup might just love belly rubs more than anyone else! When his Mommy gives him some, he immediately becomes so happy that even seems to go into a bit of a trance. He half-closes his eyes and smiles with his teeth bared as his mouth relaxes. He’s on Cloud 9; he might as well be in heaven at this point!

As Mommy points out, this pup looks very silly, but somehow, he’s still so adorable! Don’t forget to give your own pup some of these tummy scratches the next time you have a little extra time to spare; they’ll appreciate it loads! Do like and share away!

Feature Image Source: AFV

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