Puppy Playing In The Woods Falls Down A Deep Hole Until Rescuers Arrived To Save Her - A Dog's Love

Puppy Playing In The Woods Falls Down A Deep Hole Until Rescuers Arrived To Save Her

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Puppies are very playful, and they often get themselves into awkward scrapes as a result. One such puppy is Zella. At just 16 weeks old, the little pup loves to have fun, and that recently got her into quite a bit of trouble!

While out in the woods with family one Sunday morning, Zella dashed ahead as they trailed behind her. She wasn’t looking where she was going and ran right up to an old, empty well – and then she dropped right in, all 8 feet to the bottom.

The pup was in quite a pickle. It was very narrow and deep, and there was no way she could get out by herself. Her family couldn’t get to her from the surface either, so they rang up 911, and before long, the Danielson, Connecticut’s South Killingly Fire Department arrived on the scene.

Luckily, this department is part of a technical rescue team that has firefighters who have all received specialized training for rescues in confined spaces and using rope.

As such, they were very well-equipped for the task. Once they arrived, they did a quick assessment of the emergency, then set up all their equipment.

Soon, a firefighter was lowered down the eight feet of the dried-out well, and he was able to easily grab onto Zella and carry her as they were lifted back to the top.

The pup was saved! Best of all, it only took less than 30 minutes, and Zella was right back where she belonged, completely unscathed and healthy, with an overjoyed and endlessly grateful family.

Images & Feature Image Source: South Killingly Fire Department

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