This Pup’s Quest For Pancakes Nearly Burned The House Down!

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Pancakes are delicious. But, it is important that you don’t leave them on the stove and walk out of the house.

The family dog jumped up onto the stove to have some of the pancakes and inadvertently turned on the gas burner. You will soon see the flames climbing up from the stove! The family’s security camera captured the whole thing! Luckily, the family also had a system that alerted fire and police.

The first responders were able to get into the house and put the fire out! This video was shared by the Southwick Fire Department in Massachusetts on their Facebook page. The lesson we can all learn here is that if you make delicious food, your dog will want to eat it – so, don’t leave it on the stove! You can also get safety covers for the stove to prevent accidents like this from happening.

Feature Image Source: CNN

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