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Rescuers Rescue 26 Bulldogs From A Hot Van Parked In A Parking Lot

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If someone is trying to sell puppies out of a vehicle or a stall, it is never a good idea to even entertain the thought of making a purchase off of the sellers.

But this very situation occurred in a New Jersey Walmart parking lot, where someone was attempting to sell 26 French and English bulldog puppies from the back of their van! Luckily, someone rang for help, and it just so happened that this was done just in time.


When the Bergen County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center and the Bergen County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reached the scene, the seller had locked the puppies in the van and headed off somewhere, leaving the babies with no aircon, no water, and no cracked windows inside a blazing hot car.


With outside temperatures of the car hitting 90 degrees, rescuers were quick to save the puppies. The puppies were removed from the vehicle in just the nick of time, as according to the shelter director, they likely would not have survived had they been left in the van much longer.


It was then revealed that the puppies were on their way to Florida, having been flown in from Columbia. They are now being closely monitored, and will not be able to be adopted until a culprit is caught. We certainly hope that will happen soon! Do like and share.

Feature Image Source: Bergen County Animal Shelter

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