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See How Excited This Adorable Pup Is When It’s Time To Open Presents!

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It is adorable when pups start learning what it means when they get their paws on a wrapped gift! As soon as they learn and understand that there is a treat inside for them like this German Shepherd pup has, they can’t wait to rip it open and see what is inside!

Unfortunately, the thing about being a pup is that paws aren’t very well-suited to opening up wrapped gifts. It can already be hard for those of us who have opposable thumbs, much less pups with no other tools! Because of that, it takes this pup a while to try opening her new present in the family’s kitchen.

The whole time she tries to do so, you can hear the toy squeak tantalizingly from within the package. Just how hard can opening a present be? As it turns out, it is a surprisingly difficult task for this pup. Not that she ever gives up trying!

Feature Image Source: Wendy Smith

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