See How This Adorable Pup Enjoys Play-Fighting With His Big Sister!

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We talk to our dogs as if they were people and really understand what we are saying. If you are lucky, your dog listens to you and maybe even offers some whining or barking as a reply.

We also like to play with our dogs. Some fun games to play are fetch and tug of war. The girl in this video is pretending to have a boxing match with her dog, Shadow, a German Shepherd. With the Christmas tree twinkling on the right side of the video, the two go back and forth.

Shadow jumps up and tries to get a few jabs in, but the girl easily deflects his blows. But, don’t worry, Shadow was just being nice that first time! Shadow lets her get a few hits in before making his big move! He takes her down and shows her who is boss!

Feature Image Source: Tripwire

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