Have You Seen A Pup Crazy About Football? Well This Is Unbelievable!

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Soccer is only called soccer in the United States. In other countries, they call it football. It is a game of skill, and each team has eleven players on the field.

The idea is that you can’t touch the ball with your hands unless you are the goalie, or if you are throwing in the ball after it went out of bounds. It can be a very slow-moving, low scoring game if the teams are evenly matched. Bu, watching the men (or women) demonstrate incredible dribbling skills is part of what makes soccer so enjoyable to watch.

But the roar of the crowd when someone scores a goal is contagious! Even the Labrador watching the soccer game on television couldn’t help but jump up and down for joy when a goal was scored by #39 (a player from Portugal)! The excitement in the announcer’s voice probably helped fuel the dog’s excitement!

Feature Image Source: Laron Okuneva

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