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Senior Pup Miraculously Survives Two Weeks Alone In The Snowy Woods

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When 10-year-old Old Lady, a Saint Bernard pup, went missing after wandering off in Minnesota. After 17 days, Azure Davis, the founder of rescue organization Ruff Start Rescue, was losing hope fast. Temperatures were freezing and the pup didn’t have a thick enough coat to survive.

Old Lady’s start to life was rough. She and around 400 other pups were saved in the beginning of 2019 from a puppy mill nearby. The Ruff Start Rescue took the pup in and planned to move her into a nice foster home. But just as the foster parent brought her out of their car and started leading her by her leash into the house, a sound scared Old Lady and she took off running.

Old Lady’s strength was enough for her to drag her foster parent along for a short while before they had to let go of the leash. The incident was reported and Davis enlisted the help of a special volunteer group called The Retrievers that helps locate lost pups to find her. But days and days passed, and nothing seemed to lure the pup out. There was no sign of her.

Temperatures soon hit negative numbers, and Davis began to fear she would never see Old Lady again. And then a call came in from a family that had seen the pup. Her leash had, luckily, become tangled in some trees and caused her to become tied up, preventing her from moving or running any longer.

Davis quickly rushed to the scene to take Old Lady back to safety. Together with Julie Lessard, her partner, they were able to take her back to her car without incident. The moment she was safe, Davis and Lessard couldn’t stop high-fiving as they laughed and cried in relief.

It was nothing short of a miracle that the old pup has survived for so long, but her strength may stem from her troubled past. Old Lady now lives with a brand new Mom in a forever home. The woman in question fell in love with the pup while assisting in the search, and she has experience with Old Lady’s breed type and temperament.

It seems like Old Lady is finally ready for a break – but not after being led into her new home with a slip lead, two leashes, a collar, and a harness to prevent escape!

Images & Feature Image Source: Ruff Start Rescue

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