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Shelter Rescues The Chubbiest Pup They’ve Ever Seen Who Can’t Fit In A Kennel!

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Shelter staff with the Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home in the United Kingdom weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when they were asked to take in six pups whose parent had fallen very sick and was no longer able to take care of them.

But when the pups arrived, staff were in for a shock. A collie mix pup, aged 11, was so enormously overweight that they’d never seen another pup quite as chubby! They called him Big Bopper the Whopper, and he weighed in at 110 pounds – double the healthy collie weight of between 50 and 60 pounds.

This wasn’t the shelter’s first run-in with an obese pup, but Hattie the Fattie weighed only 80 pounds – still extremely heavy, but not nearly at the massiveness of Big Bopper the Whopper.

The poor large pup was suffering from joint pain and had trouble walking and even just standing up, and it all made him very depressed. Plus, he couldn’t even fit nicely into the shelter’s typical kennels.

The staff knew his journey to health and weight loss would be a long one. In his first few days at the shelter, Bopper was so cripplingly depressed that he refused to eat at all.

Thankfully, within three weeks, he began to slowly come out of his shell. He now enjoys plenty of short, safe walks and cuddles as well as a healthy diet and routine.

For now, Bopper has a while to go weight-wise, but his gentle giant nature and loving, trusting personality is helping him make tons of friends. He has 50 more pounds to go, but staff know he’ll be just fine with some hard work and lots of care.

Images & Feature Image Source: Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home

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