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Shelter Volunteer Works Hard To Reunite Pup And Dad A Year After The Pup Was Stolen

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Losing a pup is heartbreaking, and when they’re stolen, the knowledge that they’re still somewhere out there can be incredibly painful.

For John Tomasulo of New Jersey, the loss of Buddah the Yorkshire terrier was a heartbreaking one. While moving from his old home in Florida to New Jersey’s Wall Township back in January 2018, the pup was taken from his car.

John stopped to buy a sandwich in Richmond, Virginia, he came back to find his car window broken and his precious pup, gone. He thought the pup was gone forever.

Then, a short while before Christmas, someone surrendered Buddah to Richmond Animal Care and Control. Luckily, the pup had a microchip, and it was fairly easy for the shelter to get in touch with John again.

John was absolutely thrilled when he realized his pup was safe. But there was just one problem – he couldn’t drive all the way back to Virginia. So Jillian Phillips, a volunteer with the shelter, decided to drive Buddah all the way to New Jersey! To her, this is something she’d want someone to do for her if she was in that situation.

Now, Buddah is finally safe and sound at home with his Dad, and making up for lost time. We hope Buddah is recuperating well at home and having a blast with Dad!

Given how many sad stories there are in the world right now, uplifting ones with a happy ending like these are great to remind us that in the end, good always wins out. These are the kinds of stories we just love to hear!

Feature Image Source: CBS New York

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