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Stop Making These 5 Mistakes With Your Dog’s Toys

It seems very easy to just buy random toys for your dog, but did you know that there are mistakes you may be making that could accidentally cause harm to you and your dog’s life quality?

Here are 5 toy errors you could be making!

1. Size

Toys come in all sorts of dimensions. Make sure your dog is getting toys that work for their own body size.

2. Function

Sure, toys are meant to be entertaining. But opting for toys with more than one purpose gives you more bang for your buck – some clean teeth, some exercise minds, and some slow down the eating process!

3. Replacement

Dogs just aren’t going to be gentle with the stuff we give them. It makes sense that those toys will eventually be destroyed. Make sure you’re ready to get your dog replacements when those toys get worn down, as broken toys can prove to be a choking hazard.

4. Preference

Dogs have preferences too, so make sure you’re paying attention to what they like. Maybe they like certain textures, sounds, or even colors!

5. Rotation

Playing with the same thing every single day can get boring for your dog. Rotate toys by giving them a select few and swapping them out for others you have in reserve every so often. This keeps things interesting!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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