Talented Pup Learns How To Play Fetch With Himself! - A Dog's Love

Talented Pup Learns How To Play Fetch With Himself!

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Dogs love to play games. There is the game of chase (either another dog or one’s tail), fetch, and the quintessential game of tug of war! For most of those games, you need a partner.

Unless you are chasing your own tail, then you don’t need anyone else! But you can’t really play tug of war on your own, it doesn’t work that way! Fetch is best played when you have someone to throw the ball for you and then you chase it down. But, did you know that you can play a game of fetch with yourself?

While it is not quite the same as playing with a friend, you can get a good game going! Apollo, the German Shepherd, has figured out how to play fetch without his mom or dad. Watch how Apollo hits the green ball with one foot and then races after it!

Feature Image Source: Pomegranate Sunshine

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