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Terrified Pup Rescued From Puppy Mill Didn’t Even Know How To Sleep Lying Down

Jordan Knight was one of around 700 pups rescued from a licensed puppy mill. The frightened little poodle had been living in awful conditions on the Georgia property and had never known what love was like.

Jordan wound up in the foster care of Melissa Lentz, and on his first night in his temporary home, he walked over to his dog bed. But he didn’t lie down in it – he placed his head on the corner of a pillow and went to sleep standing.

It broke Lentz’s heart, as she realized that the pup had spent his whole life sleeping upright in a cage.

Slowly but surely, Jordan began to learn how to be a dog. Surrounded by other pups, both fosters and permanent residents, he began to notice that they were all happy and playful.

He found new locations to explore, new spots to lie down in, what it felt like to have a warm bath, how to snuggle with loved ones, and his favorite: what a good dinner tastes like.

Lentz has also been able to encourage Jordan to sit in her lap, and he now climbs into bed and lies down. All the affection and attention he’s been receiving is paying off as he begins to heal from the mental and emotional trauma.

He has a while to go before he’s ready to go to a forever home, but when the time comes, he’ll finally be able to live with a loving family, just like he deserves!

If you’d like to adopt Jordan when he’s ready, you can check out the details at Releash Atlanta’s website here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Melissa Lentz

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