The Sound This Adorable Pup's Making Is Going To Melt Your Heart! - A Dog's Love

The Sound This Adorable Pup’s Making Is Going To Melt Your Heart!

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It’s difficult to say no to a pup. They’re so cute and adorable, and they really know how to beg in a way that worms into our hearts and makes it tempting to fulfill their every desire.

But all pup parents know that sometimes, you just have to say no – even when it’s painfully difficult. It’s for their own good!

This white German shepherd puppy does not like being told “no”. When that happens, he rolls on the floor grumpily and throws a mini-tantrum! He growls and makes tiny little complaining noises, protesting the unfairness of it all, and uses his paws to rub his face as he tries to rid himself of the agony of being denied!

Argh, as if it wasn’t hard enough to say no to this puppy as it was! Now it’s borderline impossible! Kudos to this pup’s parents for staying strong and not giving in, because I sure know I wouldn’t be able to!

Feature Image Source: wabbit

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