The Stick Wars Are Back, And You Don't Want To Miss It, Trust Me! - A Dog's Love

The Stick Wars Are Back, And You Don’t Want To Miss It, Trust Me!

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Why do pups love sticks? There’s no real reason for them to love sticks so much – they’re just pieces of wood that happen to be on the ground! (That said, some of us get excited when we see a really neat stick that could be turned into a staff, so who are we to judge?)

Odin the German Shepherd, Samson the Boxer, and Bella the puppy all have one thing in common – they love sticks! This, unfortunately, proves to be a problem when there is only one stick to be found. Just who will have it? Or, more precisely, who will win the war for the stick?

At first, it seems that Odin reigns supreme. For almost two minutes he keeps a firm hold on his newfound prized possession and manages to keep it away from his competitors. But alas, the reigning king loses to a sneak diversion attack – and then it’s Samson with the prize!

Feature Image Source: Odin the German Shepherd

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