These Adorable Pups Have Organized A Playdate And It's Going To Warm Your Heart! - A Dog's Love

These Adorable Pups Have Organized A Playdate And It’s Going To Warm Your Heart!

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Playdates for pups are fantastic! They teach dogs useful social skills, help them make new friends, and often boost their confidence and bravery towards the outside world. That’s why loads of pup parents befriend the Moms and Dads of other pups that their own canine companions get along with!

Today, Mike and Ellie – two big Great Dane pups – are excitedly playing in a doggie date with some brand new friends they’ve made recently: a Labrador, a French bulldog, and a little Harlequin. Although they’re very different breeds, these pups get along great, playing and running around to their heart’s content!

These pups chase each other around, toss some toys back and forth, and enjoy the company of their fellow furry four-legged friends. I’d say this play date is quite a success! I bet there will be lots more of these get-togethers in the future, and that these pups might just become best friends!

Feature Image Source: Max and Katie the Great Danes

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