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These Adorable Pups Just Can’t Wait To Eat! Today They’re In For A Treat!

Dinnertime is always an exciting event for any pup – especially if it involves leftovers from the humans’ dinner table! (Do be careful and take care to make sure whatever the pups get are safe and healthy for them to eat first, however.

Sometimes, we’ve got far too much salt on food that can be safely given to pups!)

Teddy the English Bulldog and Sasha the Border Collie are in for a fun treat today – instead of their usual food, they are gonna have steak and mashed potatoes for dinner! All pups are excited for dinner, and these two are no exception – but this time we can see why they would look forward to eating so much!

Alas for these pups, the wait is a little longer than they would like. After all, they can’t just get straight to chowing down – they need to have some patience first, and work on their obedience training!

Feature Image Source: Teddy the Bulldog

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