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These Adorable Pups Made Quite The Impression After Arriving At The Shelter

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Weighing in at a total of over 300 pounds collectively, these three Saint Bernards made quite the impression when they arrived at a shelter located in Edmonton, Canada.

Gunter, Goliath, and Gasket were so large that the shelter needed to close down one of its dog wards to ensure their health and happiness. Naturally, the pups were pretty thrilled with their big space and kennel.

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These 5-year-old pups were littermates and shared a special bond. When a behavioral assessment meant they had to be separated, the pups showed clear signs of distress. They didn’t eat, were out of breath, and seemed desperate to escape. Everything went back to normal once they reunited.

Edmonton Humane Society

Unfortunately, this meant that the pups would likely need to be adopted into the same home. It was certainly a tall order for these large pups. But shelter staff also knew that these pups were fantastic – playful, loving, social, and good with other dogs.

Edmonton Humane Society

So the shelter decided to post the story of these three lovely dogs on their Facebook page. It wasn’t long before applications came pouring in – more than 200 emails from all sorts of locations! Staff are now coming through the inquiries they have received.

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They caution that there will be quite a bit of expense involved in caring for these pups, with food, vet care, and grooming all in mind. For now, the pups are enjoying their large kennel space. Before long, it’s hoped that they will be successfully placed with a loving forever home. Although staff will miss them when they go, they can’t wait for these pups to find a fantastic family!

Feature Image Source: Facebook/SONiC 102.9

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