These Pups Are Super Excited Today And You’re Going To Love This!

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Parents experience what is called “Empty Nest” syndrome when their children grow up and move out of the house. The house that used to be full of life and laughter is now empty and lonely.

But, parents are not the only ones who feel the loss of the kids when they move out. Dogs do too. If you need proof of that, look no further! We have undeniable evidence that dogs experience the empty nest syndrome just like their moms and dads! In Carmel, Indiana, the young girl you are about to see is coming home from college for a visit.

It is the first visit since she went off to college. The two dogs are so excited to see her they can hardly contain themselves! You can bet that the young girl gets this very same greeting each and every time she comes home! The love between these three is evident!

Feature Image Source: ViralHog

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