This Adorable Pup Can't Reach Yet But Give Her A Few Months And She'll Be On The Couch! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Can’t Reach Yet But Give Her A Few Months And She’ll Be On The Couch!

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The thing with being able to easily record just about anytime, anywhere now means that most parents don’t have an excuse for not capturing precious moments with their pup. Not that they will refuse a chance to have their sweet pup posing for the camera in some way anyway!

In this video, Coco the Labrador Retriever was 3 months old. Doing pretty well for such a young puppy! She looks like she is growing rapidly into her full size. This pup may have to use her full length to stand with her front paws on the couch presently, but soon she will be able to hop on and off it without a second thought!

It is also clear this is an energetic and loving pup. Just look and how her tail is wagging constantly, even if all she is doing is greeting Mom in the video. Soon, she will a full year old, and that is quite a celebratory milestone for this pup!

Feature Image Source: Natural Jae

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