This Adorable Pup Doesn't Mind Being Used As A Fluffy Pillow! Check This Out! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Doesn’t Mind Being Used As A Fluffy Pillow! Check This Out!

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Proponents of big pups will constantly point out that not only is a big pup physically sturdier (in most cases, anyway), they can also practically act like a pillow!

While trying to use your pups as a pillow in general is about as wise as using a human as one, having a bigger pup certainly makes it more comfortable for both parties involved.

And when you are as small and as light as a cat, then there really isn’t anything to be bothered about! While this Golden Retriever was snoozing on the tiled floor of the kitchen, this cat decided he would make the perfect pillow!

Considering just how warm and fluffy a Golden Retriever is, it is easy to see just how she came to that conclusion. And certainly, it’s pretty enjoyable to watch this cat walk onto the pup, before settling down and making herself comfortable on top of him – all without disturbing the pup!

Feature Image Source: Viral Paws

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