This Adorable Pup Goes Absolutely Nuts When He's Allowed To Play On The Bed! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Goes Absolutely Nuts When He’s Allowed To Play On The Bed!

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For the sake of hygiene and maintaining some space as one that belongs to you and your partner, many Mom and Dads have their beds marked as off-limits to their pups.

Not all parents feel the same way, of course, and many love sleeping with their pups. Different folks, different strokes!

It seems that this Dachshund puppy’s parents normally don’t allow him or his siblings onto the bed. When Mom and Dad finally decided to relax the rules, however, these pups leaped at the opportunity! This Dachshund puppy is first on the bed, where he runs around like a maniac, full of utter glee!

Soon, this puppy is joined by his siblings, who all realize that the bed is truly a wonderful place! The clean, tight sheets and the rare experience must be an amazing treat for these pups – especially after the sheets have been replaced with fresh ones and smoothed out!

Feature Image Source: Rumble Viral

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