This Adorable Pup Has A Lot To Say And You’ll Want To Hear Him Out!

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When you have something to say, it is sometimes a good idea to get it out sometimes. If you have something mean you want to say, then you may want to keep it to yourself.

But, holding other emotions it can wear you down. It can be exhausting to keep secrets. In this video, Johnny and Zander are having a conversation. We can’t be sure what it is about since it is in some secret code. But, you can tell that they seem upset or troubled by something.

Perhaps the dog is sad that his friend is going off to school for the day. What is a puppy to do all day when his BFF is off at school? You have to wonder if these two have the same conversation every day! Buck up little pup, Friday will roll around soon, and you can spend two whole days with your friend!

Feature Image Source: yelenaco

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