This Adorable Pup Has Just Discovered The Magical Mirror For The First Time!

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Milo the golden retriever puppy has never seen a mirror before. This is the first time he’s ever looking at one, and the sight of it is confusing to the cute pup. He raises his paw against the reflection and rubs it eagerly in a cute motion, as though saying hello!

According to Milo’s parents, there are two ways that his adorable reaction can be interpreted. Firstly, after meeting with his fellow golden retriever friend Ollie earlier in the day, he may have mistaken his reflection for Ollie again and thought the pup was back for more playtime. It would definitely explain the excitement!

The second, slightly more likely reason behind these antics is that the pup is simply curious about the funny other puppy in the glass that seems to mimic everything he does. Whichever explanation is correct is secondary, though, as what really matters is this cute moment caught on camera for us to see!

Feature Image Source: retrieverbros

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