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This Adorable Pup Is About To Have Her Meal And She’s Super Excited!

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The problem with living in a really small space with a pup is when the pup is an enthusiastic eater, it is hard to keep them away from the food while you are trying to measure it out for them to eat! So, what exactly how do you handle a pup that is overly eager to get their snout into the food bag?

In the case of this Japanese parent, the solution is apparently to keep your pup inside their carrier case first! This adorable Dachshund pup is kept locked inside her travel carrier while her Mom measures out her dinner, and you can tell she isn’t happy about it!

Seeing that her bowl is ready, she gets even more agitated and starts whining to be freed. As soon as Mom lets her loose, she is bouncing into her cage, where she gets fed. You can see just how excited this little pup is about dinnertime!

Feature Image Source: Lulu Channel

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