This Adorable Pup Is About To Play A Game And You'll Love It! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Is About To Play A Game And You’ll Love It!

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What do you do when your friend sends you some snacks in a care package? The first thing most people would do is take pictures to show that the items have arrived, and that they appreciate the gesture. This Mom, however, has better ideas than that!

A friend of this Mom had sent her some healthy snacks a while back, including a biscuit. These biscuits are so healthy, in fact, that they are safe for her Beagle pup, Cutie, to eat! So Mom decided to have a little fun, and showcase her appreciation in a fun little video!

Ever been to a fair where you win by guessing which cup is the right one after all three of them gets moved around a lot? Mom tries the same trick here, and places a biscuit under one of the cups before switching them all this way and that. Will this pup find out which one hides her prize, or will she lose the game?

Feature Image Source: Cutie The Beagle

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