This Adorable Pup Is About To Take His First Swim And We're Excited For Him! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Is About To Take His First Swim And We’re Excited For Him!

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Swimming is a skill that just about every pup naturally has. The only problem they have to face is overcoming their initial fear of the water first! Luckily, certain breeds like Golden Retrievers are inherently bred with a love for the water, so that usually makes things a little easier.

Still, there’s no telling whether your individual pup will take to swimming like a fish does to water, or if you’re going to have to spend some time coaxing them in! It’s time for this family to find out, when they bring their 5-month-old Golden Retriever on a trip to the river!

Rocky the puppy is about to embark on his first ever swimming expedition to the river – a pretty exciting expedition! Of course, they have to get there first. So the whole family loads up into their car, and off they go! In the end, it looks like it was a great idea – everyone had a ton of fun, especially Rocky!

Feature Image Source: American Golden

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