This Adorable Pup Is Currently Whining For A Treat On The Carpet! Check This Out!

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year for those who celebrate it. There’s lights, gingerbread men, eggnog, and of course, presents! Kids of all ages often find themselves getting impatient waiting for the red letter day so they can open their gifts – and this applies to fur kids, too!

Raja the German shepherd pup knows that she always gets treats on Christmas day, but she can’t wait until then! She wants have her treats right now! So she walks to Mommy, whining and crying and folding back her ears, giving her the best possible begging puppy dog eyes she can muster. Mom resolutely tells Raja that she has to wait until Christmas day, which is just a few days away.

Raja continues to whine and complain, and I don’t know how the pup’s Mommy manages to hold her ground! How can you make yourself say no to a face like that? Props to Mom for not giving in, because I would have caved in two seconds!

Feature Image Source: FunnyPetVideos

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