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This Adorable Pup Is So Friendly He’s Trying To Make Friends With Pups On TV!

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that pups are very smart. Unfortunately, they can also be pretty silly at times too! That’s just how it is, and it makes for plenty of cute moments when they don’t quite understand what they’re seeing! Need an example? Just take a look at this video!

Someone had decided to put up a video of Labrador Retrievers on the TV screen in the living room. A pretty lovely idea, if you were to ask us – what better way to enjoy an evening than to watch videos of cute pups? That is, until you realize that your own pup is trying to make friends with them all!

Upon seeing all the pups show up on the screen, this Labrador Retriever got incredibly excited. He thought he was going to meet new friends! Just look at that tail waggle and how close he is to the screen. What a friendly – if not silly – pup!

Feature Image Source: LadyLarry 

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