This Adorable Pup Is Super Happy Today Because She's Going Hiking! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Is Super Happy Today Because She’s Going Hiking!

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For those of us who are naturally travellers at heart or currently being gripped by wanderlust, the idea of being able to travel wherever you please in an RV sounds like the most fabulous thing.

Especially when you realise that staying in the area means more time to go around and enjoy the sights!

BB the Dachshund is a pup that lives with his Mom in an RV. The two travel to all sorts of places on a regular basis, and this trip happens to have landed the two of them in a forest reserve in Florida! Which is a good thing, when Mom decides to go for a walk, and takes BB with her.

The two set off bright and early in the morning to go down some clearly marked river trails. The trail is absolutely gorgeous, and there is plenty of space for this pup to dash about when she wants to run!

Feature Image Source: BB The Traveling Dachshund

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