This Adorable Pup Is Taking An Afternoon Nap But Mom's There To Bother Her! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Is Taking An Afternoon Nap But Mom’s There To Bother Her!

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Naps are lovely – when we can get them. It is hard to allow ourselves the luxury of long sleep these days, not when there is so much to do and so little time. We can only look at our pups with envy – it would be so nice if we could cuddle up with them and join them in their rest!

Meimei the adorable long-haired Dachshund is – in lieu of anything important – taking a nap in a nest of fluffy blankets. Unfortunately for her, Mom likes bothering her while she is trying to sleep! Meimei happens to be a light sleeper, so there is no way she can relax completely with Mom annoying her like this.

Instead, this poor pup has to keep her guard up. And when she finally relaxes enough to sleep, Mom is there to bother her once more! Why can’t poor Meimei just have a quiet afternoon nap?

Feature Image Source: Junhong

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