This Adorable Pup Is Totally Busy Right Now! Check This Out! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Is Totally Busy Right Now! Check This Out!

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Trying to ensure your pup has sufficient enrichment can be a hard task when you’re tired or just not physically capable at the moment. What can you do in moments like these?

The last thing you need is a bored pup, since it means they can get destructive. Not exactly something you want!

Why not invest in some puzzle toys for your pup? Specifically, one that holds treats in it! That way, your pup can be rewarded for trying to solve the puzzle, and the treats they get motivates them to find more! Need an example? Here’s a video of Coco the Miniature Dachshund demonstrating it!

In this video, you can see how she’s just completely preoccupied by it. She’s trying very, very hard to get some treats out – but it seems that it is a difficult task. Just look at how much effort she’s putting into solving this puzzle – so much, in fact, that she’s moving it around with great force!

Feature Image Source: SAYA Coco

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