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This Adorable Pup Just Can’t Get Enough Attention! Check This Out!

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It seems like every single puppy we have ever met is just a high-energy little thing. When they aren’t asleep or at rest they seem to have springs attached to the soles of their feet! And we can definitely all agree on this – all that excitability certainly makes them incredibly charming!

Cady the Dachshund puppy is an adorable pooch who just can’t get enough attention! As soon as she realizes it is Mom that is calling for her, she leaps up towards Mom and starts jumping up and down excitedly!

Of course, even though Mom has Cady’s attention, in the end, she is still a puppy. There was a moment where she got distracted by another voice, but that is okay. Because of how hyped up she is all over the place and even bumps her head into the camera near the end of the video. As cute as that was, hopefully, she didn’t hurt her head!

Feature Image Source: Pattis Dachshund Farm

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