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This Adorable Pup Just Doesn’t Want To Go Home Right Now!

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When this Dad came to pick up his big golden retriever pup Schmoltz from Lucky Puppy, a doggy daycare center run by Brenda Langley, he expected to be able to just grab the pup and go.

But as it turns out, Schmoltz doesn’t quite want to leave the center just yet, especially after all the fun he’s had while he was there!

Dad tries a number of different techniques to convince Schmoltz that it’s time to go, but the pup lies stubbornly on the ground and refuses to budge. Dad starts walking away, pretending to leave the pup behind, but Schmoltz isn’t moved by the event to trick him into following at all! No matter what Dad says or does, the pup will not move, and won’t even be carried!

Then, Dad finally gives him what he wants – a treat. Once he’s eaten it, Schmoltz willingly allows his Dad to carry him back to the car. What a fussy pup!

Feature Image Source: Storyful

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