This Adorable Pup Knows Her Way To A Good Meal – Even If It Doesn’t Belong To Her!

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Anything can be a tasty snack for the determined pooch – even food that’s normally meant for other animals! Cira the German shepherd puppy certainly knows her way to a good meal as she immediately finds her dad, who’s off to feed the chickens.

At first her dad doesn’t seem to believe she’ll try to eat this, but contrary to his expectations, Cira jumps on the feed and munches on it like it’s the sweetest snacks in the world. Her dad’s bemused as he tries to pull her off but instead the crafty pooch just attacks the next bucket. She’s even joined by another furry friend, who seems to have gotten the same idea! Apparently bird feed is delicious to pooches, who would have known?

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Feature Image Source: Thorin

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