This Adorable Pup Loves The Garden Hose So Much, He Even Drinks From It!

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Dogs and water. Water and dogs. There are a couple of things that can come from that combination. One is a clean dog – especially if the water is in a bathtub and there is some shampoo involved.

The second thing is a dirty (but a much happier dog)! Most dogs enjoy romping around in the backyard pool but have a strange aversion to the bathtub! Ali, the Golden retriever, is out in the backyard and is very thirsty. Luckily there is a water hose and a person willing to play with Ali!

Ali is a pro at drinking the water as is squirted out of the hose! Watch her lightning-fast reflexes and be amazed! It is as if Ali can tell exactly where the water will be and she catches it every time! You can hear another dog barking in the background – he is probably thirsty too and wants to join Ali!

Feature Image Source: Mika & Friends

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