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This Adorable Pup Loves To Howl Whenever They’re On Their Way To School!

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Howling is a form of communication, and you can hear wolves howling if you spend any time in the mountains where they live. Domesticated dogs howl too.

Some dogs will howl when they hear sirens from fire trucks or police cars! To them, the high-pitched siren sounds like some other dog trying to send a message or something! Some canine moms or dads can get their dog to howl at home! It is hilarious to see your dog howl when you start to howl. Their entire body tenses up, and they throw their heads back and let out a hooowwwl!

In this video, Axle and his parents are on the way to school. Axle is in the back seat howling along with mom and dad. Who knows, maybe Axle doesn’t want to go to school! Go ahead and see if you can get your dog to howl. It is a bonding moment that you can share with your canine baby!

Feature Image Source: Jessica Priest

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