This Adorable Pup Not Only Climbs On The Couch, He Also Takes Mom's Blanket! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Not Only Climbs On The Couch, He Also Takes Mom’s Blanket!

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Couches are pretty comfy, this we all know for certain. Wouldn’t it be nice for us to relax on it all day, comfortably and cozy while enjoying everyone’s company? The only problem is that some folks can get pretty stingy with couch real estate – like Enzo the English Bulldog!

Not only has this pup taken up most of the seating in this video, but he’s also gotten a hold of the blanket that Mom was supposed to be using! This won’t do – the couch is technically supposed to be for humans only. It’s time for Mom to reclaim what is rightfully hers!

First, she tries to do this nicely and attempts to just push Enzo off the couch. Alas for her, Enzo just simply refuses to move! He knows exactly what she’s ordering him to do too, but he insists on playing dumb and pretending he can’t hear her at all! Will Mom ever get her blanket and couch back?

Feature Image Source: Enzo English Bulldog

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