This Adorable Pup Only Wants Mom's Love And Attention This Morning! Aww!! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Only Wants Mom’s Love And Attention This Morning! Aww!!

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The way our pups act sometimes can be incredibly amusing – even the behavior that isn’t, say, hyperactive or the like! You just can’t help but wonder, what on earth is going on through their minds at the time? That said, you can’t deny that they look incredibly adorable while they are at it.

This older Labrador Retriever is having an otherwise very quiet morning, but Mom is still amused at his behavior nevertheless, considering he wants her to get out of bed! This pup just really wants Mom’s company and love, but all Mom was looking forward to this morning was sleeping in.

Luckily, this pup is patient – at least, relatively speaking. He refuses to leave Mom’s side, and instead insists on resting his head on her bed and staring at her with forlorn eyes. Evidently, every moment she spends staying put in bed is heartbreaking to this poor pup!

Feature Image Source: 마루는다섯살

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