This Adorable Pup Wants Mom's Attention But Mom's Busy Filming Her Tiny Pup! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup Wants Mom’s Attention But Mom’s Busy Filming Her Tiny Pup!

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There is something lovely about hanging out at home with our pups, especially during the rush of the holiday season. Sure, it is nice to go out and about and meet friends and family, but it can get pretty exhausting. Some of us may still be recovering from all the Christmas and New Year celebrations earlier this month!

It is at times like these that this Mom really appreciates relaxing at home with her Dachshund pup. This video, which was taken on Christmas Eve, just features this pup being excited about being in bed! What a privilege that this pup has on this special occasion.

Unfortunately for this pup, Mom seems more interested in just recording the cuteness of her pup on camera. Which, as it turns out, does not sit well with this little Dachshund! She wants Mom’s attention, and she wants it now! Maybe if she barks, Mom will finally put down her phone!

Feature Image Source: 비니꽃

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