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This Adorable Pup Wants Something, But What Is It That He’s Determined To Get?!

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Beagle pups are known for being very inquisitive and intelligent, and Oliver is no different! This pup likes following his nose and curiosity, which can get him into all sorts of trouble. And when the coveted item is out of his reach, he starts whining and begging for it!

Dad isn’t too sure just exactly why it caught Oliver’s attention, but after the pup noticed a roll of black plastic bags on the table, he decided he must have it! Who knows exactly why the sudden interest – there isn’t anything special about it. They’re just trash bags!

Still, this pup insisted on getting them anyway. He puts on his sweet, puppy face, and starts whining pitifully. Dad’s used to his antics, however, and doesn’t give in immediately. Instead, he decides to have some fun with his pup first, and plays a sort of impromptu tug-of-war game with his pup – until the bag rips, at least!

Feature Image Source: Oliver the Beagle

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