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This Adorable Pup Wants To Swim But Doesn’t Know How Or Where To Start!

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Some pups are built for swimming, like the Newfoundland or the Portuguese Water Dog. And then there are breeds that don’t exactly do too well in water.

There really is only so much you can do with short, stubby legs and pinched nostrils – swimming can be pretty difficult to handle!

Despite knowing his limitations, this English Bulldog named Buster really wants in on the pool. English Bulldog pups can’t swim very well without a life vest, so it isn’t safe for him to do anymore more than a dip. But just look at how he’s staring longingly at the water!

The poor guy really needs to convince his parents to get him a life vest soon. What’s the point of being so close to a swimming pool, when it remains tantalisingly out of your reach? That is basically just torture! No pup should have to endure that – and least of all one who just wants to swim!

Feature Image Source: MyCrazyPets

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