This Adorable Pup's Adventures Are Nothing But 100% Cuteness Personified! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup’s Adventures Are Nothing But 100% Cuteness Personified!

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Ah, puppies. Adorable little balls of fluff that will eventually grow up into sweet, bigger balls of fluff. What’s there to not love about them? How could we possibly resist their charm? It is no wonder that just about everyone is obsessed with puppies – and why we have to educate people to not adopt one on impulse!

Jordon the black Labrador Retriever puppy is an adorable little fella growing up in an apartment in Miami, Florida. Shortly after bringing him home, his parents decided they wanted to record his adventures as he grew up, and to share it with the world by putting montages of this cute pup on YouTube!

In these photos, we can see that he is definitely a spoiled pup. Just look at the toys he plays with – that stuff isn’t cheap! Since his Mom and Dad clearly plan to keep up posting videos of this adorable pooch, hopefully we will see more of him in the future!

Feature Image Source: Jordan The Black Labrador

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