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This Adorable Pup’s Cute Brown Spot On His Muzzle Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts!

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Many pup breeds have very characteristic fur markings and colorations, thanks to hundreds of years of breeding for a very specific look.

Often, this lends itself to making a pup breed very recognisable, and its physical appearance and aesthetic fairly consistent across the breed. This, however, doesn’t mean that each pup is a carbon copy of each other!

Oliver the Beagle is known as a tricolor Beagle. It is pretty easy to see why – his main primary colours are the archetypical black, white, and tan. All in the usual places you would expect to see on a Beagle pup! But there is something that marks this pup to be a little different than everyone else.

As Dad points out in the video, closer inspection reveals that this pup’s muzzle isn’t completely white, like most Beagles. Instead, it has some brown mixed in it, including a little brown spot on the side of his muzzle. Dad and Mom affectionately call it Oliver’s smudge!

Feature Image Source: Oliver the Beagle

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