This Adorable Pup's First Car Ride Will Bring Back So Many Memories! - A Dog's Love

This Adorable Pup’s First Car Ride Will Bring Back So Many Memories!

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This is a video of a proud mom and dad taking their baby home! They got their new baby from Gabriel’s’ Ark Kennels, located in Farmington, MI.

The tiny puppy is about to go on his first car ride! He does seem rather comfortable and happy in his mom’s arms! He also looks like he recently had some surgery (his tummy has no fur)! It is amazing that dad can go in reverse and film this video. Please don’t try this. Driving while using the camera on your phone can be very dangerous!

So, watch the first moments that this family gets to spend together in the car! The puppy seems to be in good hands. Mom is nearly speechless as she holds her little bundle of joy! Do you remember the first car ride you took with your fur baby? Mom won’t be able to hold him in her lap for long!

Feature Image Source: esimor2016

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